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 Traders' licences

Traders' licences

The following requirements apply to travelling salespersons who accept orders for goods either as travelling employees or self-employed persons, as per the Federal Act on Travelling Salespersons of 4 October 1930:

  • resellers and traders require a green card, or
  • so-called "travelling retail salespersons" who only sell to end consumers require a red card.

Itinerant traders require a license according to the Act on the Commercial Police of 7 May 1922. This applies, for example, to

  • peddlers and door-to-door salespersons
  • itinerant craftspersons
  • sales of goods from a vehicle
  • time-limited sales from non-permanent premises
  • sites used for performances, such as circuses or those used by street musicians
  • vending machines for goods and newspapers outside of business premises, and
  • licenses for tropical and subtropical fruits.

Licenses and further information can be obtained from the Administrative Police.