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 Tax advantages

Tax advantages

The Executive Council may grant tax advantages to a newly established company or one that fundamentally changes its activities, during the first year and for the next nine years. In some cases, a company can even be exempted from all Cantonal and municipal taxes for a maximum of ten years. To obtain these advantages, the company must serve the economic interests of the Canton and:

  • must create new jobs or secure existing jobs
  • must not compete with any existing companies in the Glarnerland, and
  • must generate a specified level of added value.

Companies wishing to apply for tax advantages should submit their application to the Contact Centre for Business, accompanied by detailed business and financial plans, project descriptions and an estimate of the investment amount. The Centre reviews all applications jointly with the Cantonal Tax Administration. The Executive Council takes the decision in consultation with the municipality that includes the location.

The Canton of Glarus is one of the few Swiss regions that can also grant tax advantages for direct Federal taxation, thanks to the Federal Act on Regional Policy. These advantages must not be greater, or be granted for longer, than those granted by the Canton of Glarus.