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 Economic area

Economic area

The Glarnerland is among the first regions in Switzerland that were industrialised. Today, over 40% of the canton's 18,000 or so employees still work in industry – a higher percentage than in any other canton. Glarus is an industrial canton, and is proud of that fact – because the people of Glarus have consistently continued to develop their industry. Most of the spinning wheels and weaving looms that once laid the foundations for Glarus’ excellent reputation are now only to be found in museums – and traditional industrial enterprises have been transformed into innovative high-tech companies.

Nowadays, key segments on the industrial scene include

  • mechanical engineering and plant construction
  • plastics technology and electrical engineering
  • food and environmental technology
  • aviation companies

and many more.

The textile industry, which in days gone by triggered the "Glarus economic miracle", still provides work for many people today. "Made in Glarus" products are popular throughout the world, and many of them are exported. But Glarus is not only about industry. The third sector is gaining importance as time goes on. Over half of all employees now work in the service sector.